By the lake

Friday Fictioneer, by the lake

The serene waters of the lake bore no resemblance to the storm of thoughts raging in her mind. But she loved looking at the waters of the lake. Because those were her few minutes of freedom, the only time when she got to see the outside world. How she longed to be out in the open and feel the chill of the blowing wind and the warmth of the sun. Earlier, she wasn’t allowed to step out because she was a girl. Now she couldn’t go out because she’d fought for her rights and lost her leg in the process.

Word Count: 100

Image Credits: CEAyr

This post is written in response to the above picture prompt at Friday Fictioneers

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15 responses to “By the lake”

  1. Such a poignant story.In a few lines,you have effectively conveyed whatever needs to be conveyed.

  2. Neil MacDonald says:

    There’s so much I like about this. The theme, the idea, the taut delivery. But also some lovely flourishes of writing – I particularly liked the contrast between the “serene waters of the lake” and the “storm of thoughts”

  3. Mary says:

    Intriguing story, Reema. I wanted to read more – very nice use of language.

  4. It’s such a powerful, sensitive and engaging story Reema:)

  5. Alana says:

    So well done; a tidbit of writing. It makes me want to know more, too.

  6. Brilliant and poignantly beautiful. You’ve nailed it:)

  7. Alicia says:

    The last line two lines make me wonder what is going on – I want more. Kudos.

  8. Anne says:

    Beautiful story and well written. The poignant irony speaks to me so much of the ongoing struggle for women’s equality many times by those who know they may never live to see the results. And all in 100 words. Kudos.

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