Beginning today

Out of darkness comes the light,
Showing us the right way.
The sun rises after the long night,
Marking the beginning of a new day.


Each day is a gift brand new,
It is here today, gone tomorrow.
The value of it if you only knew,
You’d seize the day instead of taking it slow.


Yesterday is all gone,
There is no point to have a regret.
Concentrate on what can be done,
The past you just have to forget.


Opportunity knocks at your door each morning,
You’ve got to open the door and let it in.
Don’t say it came without a warning,
You can’t slack if you want to win.


You can do something new today,
A new habit is never too late to start.
The sun is shining bright, make hay,
Don’t just do it, but put in your heart.


The best time to begin is now,
Start now while you may!
Time will pass and you won’t know how,
So what are you doing beginning today?


I am participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.
The above image inspired me to write this post. This image is my own click from a trip to Kodaikanal a few months ago.

8 responses to “Beginning today”

  1. nabanita says:

    The best time is to begin now. That sums it up, doesn’t it? Beautiful!

  2. kalaravi16 says:

    Ahh, now I do know it is a beautiful sunrise you’ve capturd Reema! Everyday brings new hope, new possibilities and opportunities. What a positive start to the week, thanks Reema.

  3. mahekg says:

    Live your moments to the fullest, perfectly captured the essence of living in the moment

  4. Mayuri6 says:

    Such an inspiring poem, Reema!
    Love your writing, as always!:)

  5. deepagandhi says:

    Lovely poem Reema and inspirational too..sometimes we need just that 🙂

  6. wonderful Reema, your day seems to started really with a lot of inspiration

  7. Each word in each sentence is inspiring. Crisp and simple words weaved in just amazing.

  8. Rajlakshmi says:

    Live each day like it’s the last day! And yes it’s never too late to acquire a hobby. Very inspiring write.

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