7 reasons why I write poetry


“Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.”
-Carl Sandburg
If I had to pick just one literary form to write, it would definitely be poetry. When I first started on this journey of being a blogger, it was poems that I started with and it is poems that keep me going. But why I do I write poetry and why do I love it so much. Here is why!
1.Writing poetry is kind of a therapy
Poetry is therapy to me. Poetry keeps me sane. After a long day at work, or after a day when nothing goes right, it is poetry that helps me calm down. Breathe in some fresh air, and breathe out some poetry. That is my mantra!
2.Words just flow
If you are someone who can’t live without poetry, then you always have a poem running in your head. And in times like these words just flow. No effort required. Just let the words flow and see the magic enfold!
3.It does not always have to rhyme
Yes I love rhymed poetry. Perfectly rhymed poems make my day. But poems don’t always have to rhyme. There are times when what I want to express need not rhyme and it might still be poetry! Poetry is not just about the rhyme scheme employed.
4.Anytime, any place!
Poetry doesn’t have a time and place. You can begin writing any time and any where. Bus tickets, last pages of notebooks, bookmarks- scribble scribble. Yes I know about laptops, smartphones, and so on. And it can be during a class or a meeting, while travelling (provided you are not driving) or doing anything! You can always write a poem. Poems are my go to things during blogging challenges when I can’t think of anything else to write! See there I said it out loud 😛
5.It can be simple or complex
Just a few lines that rhyme, or something with a complex rhyming structure. Just three lines of a haiku to the innumerable lines of epics, there are no limits! Simple or complex- the choice is yours! Go experiment and have some fun!
6.Best way to bring out your emotions
Happy or sad, angry or mad- I write poems. Poems let you express your emotions in a way that other forms of writing would not let you. Poems touch hearts, they strike a chord. If you are in love or out of it, there is a poem for every reason!
7.There is a lot to learn
If you seriously analyze poetry there is a lot to learn. There are so many different forms with different rhyme schemes and syllable counts! I did try my hand at a few types recently and trust me it was fun! The origin of each of the different types is interesting. Some of them date back to times of yore and others are more recent forms. So keep exploring, there is a lot to learn. And yes, you can read the different types of poems here.
Yes, poems are amazing! What are you waiting for? Go put on your thinking cap, and write or type your poem away. Yes, you can send them to me as well. As much as I love to write poetry, I love to read them too!
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23 responses to “7 reasons why I write poetry”

  1. Ramya Rao says:

    Wow! I was nodsing at every point here,Reems. While I agree with rhyming poems I try my best to rhyme. At times when word flows , rhyming takes a back seat.
    I love the gifs!

  2. Mayuri says:

    I love reading your posts, Reema!

  3. Loved the post! Totally agree, poetry is like therapy for me. I introspect while i write.

  4. I am a big fan of your poetry Reema.Keep writing.

  5. Deepa says:

    Good one..agree with you on all the points 🙂

  6. First of all congrats Reema for your new domain name. Second, I agree almost every point esp. Expression and no rhyme, lot more to learn from limited words that express more.

  7. Srikanth says:

    Very well written Reema!
    I love poetry as well. You’ve got me wanting to write more poetry.
    I love the way you’ve used images, especially GIFs to make it eye-catching. 🙂

  8. Tina Basu says:

    seriously, when people try to rhyme forcefully it kind of becomes weird!

  9. True, poetry is an expression and I enjoy doing that most of the time where I write in free flow. I always find the various types of poetry tough to write.

  10. PRERNA SINHA says:

    Wow! If only writing poetry was so simple. You are blessed my friend in poetry seems to flow for you :).

  11. dew cool says:

    agreed with all your points writing is therapy for me 🙂

  12. Never tied rhyming poetry 🙂
    & if you ask me, why do I write ???
    I just have no answer..
    It just happens :))

  13. The next time I write a poem I try to avoid rhyme. I have always rhymed my poems.

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