The Life Saver

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She returned from the hospital and again it was the same story. 
“It is going to be a girl”, said the doctor. 
“Well then you know what to do!”, said her husband to the doctor.
“Bring her back her tomorrow”, replied the doctor.
How she longed to have a girl! And each time she conceived, it was a girl. But the girl was killed even before she came into the world. She couldn’t say anything though she wanted to. But she couldn’t bear the thought of losing a daughter yet again. She made up her mind. She wouldn’t stay here any longer. If this house couldn’t accept her daughter, then she wouldn’t stay here either. Taking a deep breath, she began packing, not just her clothes but also those pretty little dresses and the tiny shoes that she had already bought. And in the middle of the night, she walked away, saving not one but two precious lives. 

This post is written for Day 5 of of BaR-A-Thon.
The theme for Day 5 is “Tiny Shoes”


19 responses to “The Life Saver”

  1. A very sensitive issue creatively taken up. well done.

  2. Very well done by the mother, I'd say. She made the right choice!

  3. Uma C says:

    A step well taken by the mother. Good story!

  4. Dixita mour says:

    She is wise mamma 🙂

  5. Dixita mour says:

    She is wise mamma 🙂

  6. Bold and beautiful story. My salute to that brave mom.

  7. It's good that the lady decided to stand up for herself and save both the lives. I do hope she's successful ahead!

  8. A sensitive story for the prompt!

  9. Kala Ravi says:

    That's the spirit! Well-done lady!

  10. Bold and brave move by the mother! Good that she took a stance against her cruel husband and backward society.

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