Book Review: Got me for life

Title: Got me for life
Author: Chandni Moudgil
Publisher: Self published
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“26 women. 26 stories. Not so ordinary tales from their every day lives.”ย 

They each person has a story to tell. And the story may seem common place, it may not be so ordinary after all. It is that something different from the ordinary that makes it a story worth telling. In this book, “Got me for life”, the author narrates the stories of 26 different women, each story different in its own way. The roles women take these days are many, but the traditional roles still remain or are forced to remain. Each story in this book is not a story women all set to save their world, but these are women who want create a mark of their own in this world in their own unique way. There are stories that inspire one, of how a woman who after doing all her household work, settles down to do something of her own- her blog. Or how a woman becomes a successful entrepreneur despite the people around her think that she couldn’t do it. Then are stories about relationships that a woman has, the way she manages them all, the emotional turmoil that sometimes she has to go through. Some stories speak about the challenges that she had to face to break free from the shackles that bind her- may be societal, may be work related, may be just misunderstandings. The stories also speak about the qualities of a woman, those that are traditionally expected of her and those that aren’t but are definitely required. I am not revealing any details about the stories because that would take away the suspense.
Each story in this book is weaved beautifully. From the use of beautiful words to bringing out the varied emotions, a lot of effort has been put in. The best part of the book if I must say, is the narration. Each scene in each story is so well described, that it makes your visualization of the story easier. Each story starts smoothly, moves quickly and the ending will sometimes leave you amazed. It is not always what you expect it to be. Each ending adds a new perspective to the story.
The book is a quick read with 26 short stories. Though short, each story makes you think about it and it definitely lets you find a bit of yourself or someone you know in each of the stories. If you’d ask me to pick a favourite out of the 26, I just couldn’t! Each story is my favourite because each story is unique having a voice of its own. If you are in the mood for some amazing short stories, pick this book up right now and it will leave you amazed. A job well done for a first time author!

Writing this review for Blog Chatter’s Ebook Campaign.
Also, writing this for day 5 of Write Tribe’s Festival of Words #5

13 responses to “Book Review: Got me for life”

  1. Hema says:

    Sounds interesting. Thanks for the review!

  2. Vinay Leo R. says:

    A bit occupied by other books at the moment, but definitely will pick up the book some time soon. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your review adds to the interest.

  3. Will make note of this book….Thanks for sharing…..It would be good if you pick up a story or two and review it individually….

  4. Mahn, I'll never forget Chandni's AtoZ posts! The eBook is surely something worth downloading and emailing to each and every known person!

    • reemwrites says:

      Yes indeed! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Reema , you know how terrible I am with reading& commenting.I know I sound a bit ungrateful as well coz it took me MONTHS before I got around to say ‘Thank You’ !! But just re reading these reviews and the comments is bringing back the thrill and the happiness of AtoZ and getting so much love from fabulous people like you . Thanks for picking up my book and taking time to review it. have a great 2017!

  5. Kala Ravi says:

    You did full justice to Chandni's amazing book! What brilliant stories…each one a sterling piece! Well-reviewed Reema!

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