Month in Rewind: April 2016

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April, April, April! Are you already over? I still can’t
believe that it is already over. Like all months that have gone by, this one
also went too fast, it flew! But April was so much fun because it was filled
with so many things.
There was one thing constant throughout April- blogging.
Blogging has been a constant in my life for some time now but April 2016 took
it to an all new level. I took up the A to Z Challenge and yes I completed it.
I had to a theme for my posts “A letter for a letter” and writing each letter
was a different experience- some emotional, some fun, some happy, some sad. I
made a lot of new friends, found a lot of new and amazing blogs. It was indeed
fun! A detailed post about my A to Z experience will come up soon.
April was also about travel. I travelled home unexpectedly
during April. I had a long weekend but decided against going home as I had few
things to finish. But fate had other plans for me as I fell sick and I just
couldn’t manage without mom’s care and pampering. The main problem was with
food. How I missed mom’s cooking those days. I was glad that I went home and I
got better in no time.
And one of the best parts of April was my trip to
Kodaikanal. Bangalore, Hubli and Mangalore- I can say all of my life has
revolved around these three cities. It had been long since I took a trip. So
when my friends from work decided to go on a trip Kodaikanal, I was up for it!
It was a welcome break for me from the monotony of life and also in terms of
weather. The beautiful mountains and the long walks that we took to enjoy
nature’s bounty were amazing! Nature always works the magic for me and I came back
rejuvenated. More about the trip coming up soon.
Reading novels took a back seat as I was busy reading the
awesome blog posts of my fellow bloggers who took up the A to Z Challenge. Now
that April is over, I am back to my normal reading and writing schedule. I also
got to anchor for a function. It felt good doing that after a long time!
April was tiring but it was so much fun! I am proud of
myself for completing the challenge and happy for taking that trip! What is
coming up in May? I’ve a lot of plans, let us see how things go on. How was
April for you? Do let me know in the comments.

5 responses to “Month in Rewind: April 2016”

  1. Yooo Hoooo Congrats 🙂

  2. anindya says:

    wishing you an excellent May ahead

  3. Parul says:

    Glad you could take a trip home and travel to your hometown. Yes, April kept me busy too with the challemge but I'm glad it's done and dusted for the year 🙂

  4. I also got to visit family in April as we traveled to a wedding. It was just a long weekend and I was able to stay more or less current with posting during the Challenge. Always glad to see my folks and visit with cousins I only see on Facebook these days 🙂

  5. Anmol Rawat says:

    Well, there's only one thing that I decided in April i.e. I'll start blogging again. I have been away for too much time now. I missed this year's A to Z challenge as well.
    There's a lot to catch up I guess!
    Congrats for that trip. It's always awesome to visit hometown 🙂

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