That silver lining

Engrossed in thoughts I sit,
Looking at how things have been a mess.
It seems like good times have take a hit,
A twist in tale like this, I never did guess.
In my life, nothing seemed right,
For nothing made sense to me anymore.
I was tired now and had decided to give up the fight,
For all my dreams now looked like things of the yore.
Was it the circumstances or was I wrong?
I couldn’t point it out.
Everyone said you got to be strong,
But did anyone understand what this was about?
Everything now felt dark and empty,
For no one understood what I was going through.
Gone were the days when I had friends a plenty,
Why was life so messed up I never knew.
I looked up at the sun and the clouds play hide and seek,
And how the sun’s rays would peep and create a silver lining.
May be I shouldn’t be so weak,
For after all this may be like the sun, I’ll come out shining.
What was my silver lining I still had to figure out,
But I knew it was there and I had to find it.
For that silver lining was my ray of hope without doubt,
Now that I know, I just can’t quit. 
This post is written for the Blog Chatter Prompt for the Week
Also writing this for Day 17 of Ultimate Blog Challenge

9 responses to “That silver lining”

  1. Kala Ravi says:

    Fantastic Reema, you have emoted all that you are feeling in such an eloquent way!

  2. I am a big fan of Silver lining. Every time I am down and out , which is often , I go through the exact same process and I look hard for a silver lining and more often than not I do find it.
    you piece of poetry with that gorgeous picture will now pop up every time that happens now .

  3. It's good to go with the flow when things get tough. Your choice of words echoes pain but never let go of believing in life. Superbly done:)

  4. Maggie says:

    You're a poet too! Ah. Lovely. You have a way with words and you let them flow freely. That ray of hope is what makes all the trouble worth it 🙂

    Love, 2 AM Writer

  5. Nikhil S says:

    Wow these are the similar emotions most of us or a few of us face on those dark days.
    Hope this could show a silver lining to all of us the mere mortals who push each day with much effort to it's night.
    Just hoping things could pleasantly change for all of us at least once!
    Hoping to read more of such earthy realities.

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