Month in Rewind: March 2016

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It is April already and I just don’t understand how fast
this year has been going. And yes it is Summer already. Trying to adjust to the
hot weather in Bangalore. People who have been here for long tell me that
Bangalore wasn’t this hot before. So what was in store for me in March?
So March was just another month for me. Work wise nothing
great is happening. Blogging wise a lot of things happened in March. I was  a part of the launch of the Blog Chatter website.
It was so nice to be a part of a launch like that. From the time that I’ve
actually concentrated on my blog, the blog chatter sessions have helped me grow
as a blogger. Being a part of Blog Chatter’s growth was a happy moment indeed. So
after completing 100 continuos days of blogging – or 103 to be precise I took
rest for a while. But that rest was temporary. Though I didn’t post many posts
in March, I was busy plotting and planning for the A to Z Challenge and the
Ultimate Blog Challenge that I am participating this April. Well I can’t stay
from writing, not even for a single day. Even when I am not posting anything on
the blog, I just keep writing something or the other every day. And talking
about the A to Z Challenge, after I had my theme figured out, I made a calendar
for myself to plan for posts. But well a lot of things happened in between and
I couldn’t stick to it. But I think I will manage. What is the fun of the
challenge if everything goes as planned?
One of the good things that happened to me this March was
that I participated in Poetry Jam session. I have always been writing my poems
on the blog but never have I read it out in public except I think in college
when one of my lecturers made to read a poem that I had written for Teacher’s Day
and a few poems on the radio. But this was the first time that I was reading it
live in front of a bunch of strangers. It was indeed a nice feeling to hear
those words out loud. I got good reviews from people who were there.
And after two and half months away from home, I finally
visited home during the last week of March. I was there just for 4 days and
those 4 days just flew by. But it was wonderful to eat mom cooked food and all
the pampering when I go home. And the best part of it was people I barely know
coming to me and asking how I’ve been and that they miss me being around in the
Church Choir in Hubli. Those moments were indeed so wonderful.
I didn’t read much in March because most of my time is spent
in blogging. My another interest these days is walking and now that I am
wearing the Mi Fit which I borrowed from my friend for some time, I am walking
more. I don’t play Table Tennis now after shifting to the new office. So there
has to be something that I have to do to keep myself active. So walking it is
for now.
April had already been crazy with blogging and I know that
the craziness will continue. Looking forward to the other things that April has
in store for me.  So how was March for
Linking this post to Day 3 of Ultimate Blog Challenge. 

2 responses to “Month in Rewind: March 2016”

  1. Vinay Leo R. says:

    🙂 Hope April and its challenges don't wilt you. Those who say they've not seen Bangalore this hot in April, they are spot on. I'm trying to stay hydrated, so I don't have to leave the A to Z midway.

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