#AtoZChallenge : To Mom

Dear Mom,
First things first, I love you and I will forever remain
indebted to you for bringing me into this world. I know you to suffer a lot of
pain both physical and emotional, yet you brought me into this world. All that
I am now, it is only because of you and dad. 
When I was a kid, I always longed to have you by my side.
Being a working woman, it wasn’t easy for you. But no matter how difficult it
was for you, you were there for me as much as you could. You fed me, took care
of me when I was sick and always ensured that I had the best of whatever you
could provide me.  As I grew up, during
my teenage days I rebelled against you. I fought with you. Yet, you didn’t give
up. You were there whenever I needed you. To wipe those tears away when I was
hurt, to fight against my fears, to encourage me and support me in whatever I
did. When I had an exam coming up and I wouldn’t eat because I had still lots
of things to study, you were there feeding this 18 year old kid of yours. When
I had that all important project to finish and wake up early, you were there
awake before just so that I could have some tea to drink. 
Sometimes don’t I  take you for granted, mom? Like when the time
you do so much for me and I don’t realize that you also need rest? And when you
are sick and you pretend that you are okay, why can’t I see  through it? It must be difficult for you,
isn’t it? But how do you do it mom?
For me, you are the symbol of strength. When dad was
struggling with the dreaded disease, and you knew that the end was near, you
never broke down in front of me. Because you knew that if you cried, we your
little kids would cry too. You became my mom and dad, when God took away dad
from us. It was difficult for you to stay in a city where you didn’t have any
of you close relatives to support you, but you did it. For your kids. 
“A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy
and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when
friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us,
and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of
darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.”
― Washington
Now that I stay far away from you, I realize all the more
how much you have done for me.  Thank you
Mom for everything; for every struggle, for every sacrifice, for every pain
that you had to suffer for me. I’m sorry for the times that I hurt you, that I
brought tears in your eyes, for every time that I did something wrong. I miss
you Mom. 
Your darling daughter,
I’m taking up the #AtoZChallenge and my theme is “A letter for a letter”. So make sure you read
all the letters from A to Z. 
 Also participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.


27 responses to “#AtoZChallenge : To Mom”

  1. Yes esp when the mother is working then children do crave to meet her and that's the saddest part about people like us who spend less time with our mum during our childhood days. I am so touched by this and you should let her know what she means to you. Make her read this.

    M – Men are from Mars

  2. Ramya Rao says:

    A very touching letter Reema. Well written.

  3. My Era says:

    A beautiful, heartfelt letter Reema 🙂
    I have had a working mother and I know how it feels to wait for her to be around. The love and care of our mothers is sorely missed once we move out of home.
    You two look lovely in that picture <3

    @theerailivedin from The Era I Lived In

  4. Ls says:

    Its a lovely letter.. surely your mom must be proud of you. And the lady is really very strong to get over so many adversities.

  5. Kala Ravi says:

    A beautiful letter and an ode from a child to her mother. Mothers are the biggest blessings in our life and no matter how old you grow, you'll always need one! No one can take her place and be as giving or loving. God bless all dear mothers.
    @KalaRavi16 from

  6. Archana says:

    That is lovely! Your letter brings tears to my eyes!
    @yenforblue from
    Spice of Life!

  7. Wow! What a wonderful letter. We often take our mothers for granted, especially when they work through day and night for us. Lovely writing.

  8. Dixita mour says:

    Hugs your mom 🙂
    Yes mamma's are special no one can take their place .
    It took me back to my school days, when mom used to run after me for food

  9. Dixita mour says:

    Hugs your mom 🙂
    Yes mamma's are special no one can take their place .
    It took me back to my school days, when mom used to run after me for food

  10. Soumya says:

    My eyes let out a tear and I'm not the one to cry easily.

    God bless you dear Reema!

  11. My dear, do make your mom read this precious letter of gratitude for me..this will mean so much to her…

    I lost my mom 10 years back n I still repent I think thank her enough….

  12. A very well written letter to your mom, Reema. Do send it to her, okay. I'm sure she will cry with joyous tears when she reads it 🙂

  13. A perfect letter for a mother from a child.. very touching.
    @rohank01 from Pondering Two

  14. Nimi Arora says:

    Your letters are heart-rendering Reema. All the best to you…

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