Another chance?

I sat on a bench in the park tired and dejected. The
pristine surroundings did nothing to calm my mind. I was in a flashback mode. My
mind kept playing the happenings of the evening and I kept asking myself if I
was disillusioned in love. The things I’d been through during the past couple
of years were no secret to the people close to me. Was I again beginning to
recede into the shell that I had thought that I had come out of?
I thought I was getting better. I thought that the wounds of
the past had completely healed. But I was wrong. Just when I was thought that I
was over it, it all just came back. I saw him at the restaurant. It was the
same person who had hurt me and was the reason that I had receded into the
shell. I’d loved him with all my heart and then he was just gone from my life. All
that was left was empty words, a broken heart and tears- lots of them. It was
just a few of my close friends who had stood by me and had helped me get over
him. I was at the restaurant with one of my close friends- the guy who had been
with me when I was a mess. He had me told a few days ago that he had fallen in
love with me. I hadn’t responded then because I needed time to think. I had
just been over it all and I was uncertain if I could ever love another person again.
He had not pressed me for an answer but I was sure he needed one. I did enjoy
his company and the fact that he cared a lot for me made me give it a serious
thought. So over dinner today, I was going to give him an answer. A Yes!
That was when I had this blast from the past. The moment I
saw him, a lump formed in my throat. Tears just kept running down my eyes. I
grabbed a couple of tissues on the table and I’d wriggled out of the restaurant
and settled down in this park to clear my mind. Was it worth going back and
thinking about the past? I knew it wasn’t. All that it would do was only hurt
me more. I couldn’t give him another chance even if he asked me to. But could I
not give love another chance? I think I could, but I wasn’t sure. It was winter
and the cold air made me freeze. I decided to get back home and let my mind
clear. I took the tissues that I had grabbed from the restaurant and began
wiping my tears away. I noticed that something was written on it. More like a
scrawl. “I’m still waiting for you” it said.  I was clueless how he had managed that. May be
I still had to give my answer today. 
This post is written for the wordle prompt on A Week for Writing

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