We’re best friends

Picture prompt: Anindya Basu
On a sunny afternoon,
After a hearty meal,
To my dream world I wish to go soon,
By my master’s side at ease I feel.
The soothing cool breeze,
Puts me off to sleep.
My usual bed is here under the trees,
By my master’s side who is in slumber deep.
But I’m alert, ever ready to wake up,
My master’s guard I’ll always be,
For he has brought me up ever since I was a pup,
And if he is in trouble I’ll always foresee.
Loyal to my master I’ll always stay,
His love for me never ends.
I’ll be there for my master all the way,
And we’ll always remain best friends!
This post is written for Foto Friday 2.
Foto Friday is an initiative by Team Writehouse. 


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