Month in Rewind: January 2016

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January oh January! Where did you go? Seems like New Year
was just yesterday! January has always been my favourite month. It not only
marks the beginning of a new year and giving each one a fresh start, it is also
my birthday month!
I welcomed the New Year at home in Hubli. A quiet day but I
was happy to be at home. I enjoyed the time at home, being with my Mom and
brother, relaxing and doing things that I wanted to. Coming back to Bangalore
to work after those 12 blissful days at home was difficult. It always is! I
went back home again just 10 days after coming to Bangalore. It was a long
weekend and I didn’t want to miss the chance of being home. Home times are
always good times.
On the weekend between the two visits home, I managed to
meet my blogger friend Arpitha. Arpitha was one of the first people who
commented on my blog, encouraged me to write more. It was Arpitha who gave me
my first blog award- the Liebster Award. Her blog posts are fun to read and I
always love reading them. I’ve wanted to meet her ever since I came to
Bangalore and 10th January was the day. A dessert place at a
walkable distance for both of us was the venue. Two hours just flew by talking
to her about this and that. Lovely evening that was!
My birthday was a lovely day too! My friends made it special
for me with all the treasure hunt, the cake cutting and the gifts! Being my
first birthday away from home I did miss home. But being at work all day didn’t
let me be sad.
One of the best part of January was that I got voted as the
“Most Popular Debutant” of my department at work. I felt like a politician
asking for votes 😛 My friends had a big role to play too! Asking for votes for
me from the people they know. I feel lucky to have friends like these. 🙂
I chose to blog every day of January just because I wanted
to. Daily blogging has become a habit now. I want to write something every day.
But I am going to slow down a bit as I need enough rest too. So I will blog
when I have enough time. One of my posts got picked as a Tangy Tuesday Pick.
January also saw my blog buddies and me, that is, Team Writehouse starting our
own picture prompt.
I’ve taken up the 100 happy days challenge again and I hope
to complete it. I’ve also made my 25 by 25 list. IF you haven’t read it yet,
then read it here now! I’ve taken up the Goodreads Reading Challenge and I’ve
decided to read 30 books. I’m on track now. With books being the most part of
my birthday gifts, I’m sure that reading will take a front seat this year.
So January was really good to me. How was January for you?
Do let me know in the comments. Have a fabulous February! 🙂

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