The reward

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They walked slowly, careful not to make any noise. One
mistake and the plan would be ruined and the consequences of their mistake they
chose not to think about. There was fierce determination written on their faces
as they had a mission to accomplish. As they had fought a lot of times before,
they wondered if they could trust the other but then both of them knew that it
wasn’t an easy mission to complete alone. The spoils would be evenly split and
partners in crime they decided to be though uncertain if the other would remain
loyal to them. As they inched closer to their destination, they looked from the
corner of their eyes to ensure nothing was amiss. And finally they reached their
destination. Just as they were about to open the door and grab the loot, the
light from the headlights of a car fell on their faces and there was worry
written on their faces. It was time to abort the mission and one just decided
to go back to their hiding place and the asked the other to follow.

“I hope the kids haven’t eaten up the cake I made for the
party”, she said as she unlocked the door and rushed to the kitchen. The cake
was intact. “The kids have been obedient after all. You better make another
cake” he said to her. Everything looked fine to her except a few vessels which
seemed out of place. “It must have been a cat” he said. Just a room away, two
little devils with their heads under the blanket were giggling. Though their
mission had been aborted, they would be getting the prize after all!
Writing this post for the wordle prompt at A Week for Writing.

The words for the prompt are:

Worry, loyal, corner, fierce, consequences, wondered, kitchen, follow, headlights, mistake.


4 responses to “The reward”

  1. Ha ha! Nice twist :). Sweet !

  2. seeya says:

    Oh wow how cute. The pic gave me a different impression. It was mention of cake that brought a smile

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