Let me be

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When the wound had almost healed,
When the pain was almost gone,
When the scars had almost disappeared,
You decided to bring it back on.
The things I’d almost forgotten,
The memories I wished would fade,
Were now fresh instead of rotten,
The painful moments were again openly laid.
The pain was more than ever before,
With the wounds bleeding all over again.
You’d never do it again you swore,
But nothing remained except the pain.
You struck me where it hurt me the most,
Because you knew me better than the rest.
Why do you still haunt me like a ghost?
You know very well, you I now detest.
So just let me be the way I am,
I’ve tried hard to put myself together.
My faults and flaws make me, who I am,
Trust me now I am a lot better!

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