Happy Days…

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When I get that much needed rest

When I travel home
When I ace that difficult test
When I’ve nothing to do and just roam
When I lay my head on my mom’s lap
When I’m surrounded by friends who make me laugh
When I talk to a friend after a long gap
When there’s no traffic and my travel time is reduced to
When on a lazy day I settle down with a book,
When I blog my heart out and come with an awesome post
When someone tells me how good I look
When I’ve achieved something about which I can boast
When on a long walk I get to enjoy nature’s beauty
When I do something that brings a smile on another’s face
When I do something beyond the scope of my duty
When I do my best and finish the race
When it is a good hair day
When I get a seat in the bus
When it is my birthday
When I get an A plus!
When I…
I can go on and on. For each day has something to be happy
about. So stop thinking about things that go wrong and focus on the things that
are going right! Stay happy always!
This post is written for the prompt #HappyDays at Blogchatter.

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