Dared to be different

I walk alone,

In this journey called life.
Left by the ones I called my own,
For raising my voice against suffering and strife.
My thoughts seemed radical to them,
But that first step there was none daring to take.
I was advised to let go of my ways by some,
But I didn’t want to make the same mistake.
A seamless union of preaching and practice,
Was all that I desired.
But everyone wanted to preach but not practice,
Even the ones whom I once admired.
Their empty words are nothing but pathetic,
I’ve decided not to be ignorant.
For my actions I’ll never be apologetic,
For all I did was dared to be different. 
This poem is written for the above picture prompt for Wordy Wednesday at Blog-a-Rhythm.
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8 responses to “Dared to be different”

  1. Sheilagh Lee says:

    I love this. different is always better always be yourself

  2. Old Egg says:

    It is so important to dare to be different otherwise we will be exploited and others will not be encouraged to be themselves. Great post.

  3. Jae Rose says:

    Being different is a good thing and a courageous stance to take – well done you!

  4. We all are different, but very few dare to accept it. Liked the flow of the poem.

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