A beginning, not an end

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Things always don’t go the way you want them to,
And there are times when nothing feels right.
You feel helpless like there is nothing you can do,
A little sunshine on a cloudy day is nowhere in sight.
The path you’d chosen now seems hard to tread,
That which kept you going is now gone.
It seems like the end with nothing ahead,
The night won’t make way for the dawn.
But keep going I say, just keep going,
Don’t give up come what may.
For with every failure you keep growing,
So take up any challenge that comes your way.
For you won’t savour the sweet taste of victory,
Until you’ve tasted the bitterness that is offered on the
This my dear friend is no big mystery,
The light will shine bright some day.
Just keep going even everything seems to be over,
For it may be nothing but just a tricky bend.
So let your spirits never lower,
For it is a new beginning and not the end.

6 responses to “A beginning, not an end”

  1. Brian Dsouza says:

    Yeah.. Well written Reema.
    It's always good to know the bitter side every stance,in fact I must say experience the bitter side Caz there could be no other education better than ourselves having a practical try on it.These challenges does make us explore the unknown me, at times which could be a start for a new beginning towards happyness.#PURSUITOFHAPPYNESS must be the perfect example.

  2. Kala Ravi says:

    That is a really positive poem. Keep going, no matter what. Powerful and motivating.

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