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He looked at his phone for the nth time. There was still no message from her. He could have just called her up and told her. But then he didn’t feel confident enough. He would tell her in her person but for now he just had to let it out of his chest. He could not keep it from her any longer. His heart beat faster and his fingers shivered as he typed the message. It was more than 30 minutes now and there still wasn’t any message from her. He thought it was better to call her and met her in person.

She looked at her phone for the nth time. His message was there for her to see. The first time she saw the message, she was shocked. Never has she expected that things would come to this. But each time she read the message, her mind back in time to the memories that they had shared and the message started making more sense. The more she thought about it, the more she felt strongly about what he had said. She wanted to respond but then there were other things to consider and the consequences of her response were also to be thought of. She took her phone in her hand and started typing a reply. But she couldn’t as she trembled. Was she taking the right step? Her chain of thoughts was broken by the ringing of her phone. It was him. “I’ll see you in half an hour near your street” and he hung up. She didn’t know what to tell him but she decided to just meet him.
And they met exactly after half an hour. No one spoke anything as they kept walking. They finally stopped near a park. The greenery had always made her happy was what she said. It was December and there was a nip in the air. She was shivering. Was it the cold or was it the fear of responding to his message? No one could tell. He wasn’t sure if she would ever speak. Just when he was thinking of going away leaving her alone in the park, “Yes” she said, her lips aquiver. But that was the most magical word he had heard that evening!
aquiver: shaking or trembling because of strong emotion : quivering
This post is written for Saturday Wordplay. 
Saturday Wordplay is a weekly word prompt series started by Aditi Kaushiva. This week’s word ‘Aquiver’ has been suggested by yours truly and thus I am co-hosting this link up together with Aditi. Get inspired and write whatever comes to your mind using this word and link up below.



8 responses to “Yes!”

  1. Kala Ravi says:

    Yes! The most positive and powerful three words! Love,doubt and acknowledgement all brought together beautifully!

  2. Richa Singh says:

    Thank you for the happy end 😀 But well this is definitely a moment we all remember 🙂

  3. Alana says:

    Sweetly romantic.

  4. Aditi says:

    Super sweet and romantic! 🙂

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