What makes Christmas?

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Finally it is Christmas. There is that chill in the air. The
streets are filled with beautiful decorations. There are Christmas trees all
decked up. There are cribs made replicating that nativity scene from a long
time ago. There is Santa going around to the sounds of happy carols giving
gifts. The mood is merry and nice. But what makes Christmas?

There is this song that I sang once upon a time.
“What makes Christmas do you know?
Is it pretty gifts and shiny toys?
All wrapped up so nice and bright,
For little girls and boys.
Is it prettiness at all,
Fairy lights and sparkling Chirstmas tree,
No these do not Christmas mean.
It is pretty more than these.
Christ was born on his birthday ,
And that is what makes Christmas”
How true are the words of this song! Most of us are so busy
making external preparations that we forget to look into ourselves and our
preparation. Christmas isn’t just another holiday with the gift giving and the
decorations. It is about Christ being born, about God becoming man. It is not
Xmas it is Christmas for reason. And Christmas isn’t Christmas without hearts being at
peace. It is about forgiving the ones who have hurt us, apologizing for our
mistakes, spreading joy and cheer among friends and family by being with our
near and dear ones. If there is peace in our hearts, only then it is Christmas-
Christmas in our hearts, Christmas everywhere! Merry Christmas everyone 🙂  

4 responses to “What makes Christmas?”

  1. Dheeraj K says:

    Merry Christmas Reema!! Nicely said!!! Hope you have a great Christmas!!!

  2. Alana says:

    Merry Christmas, Reema. In too many countries (including mine, the United States) Christmas becomes more and more of a secular holiday every year. Shortly, I have my mother in law and brother in law over for dinner, and it will be good to be with family.

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