The secrets we hide

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As we journey through life,
A lot of secrets we hide.
So many words remain unsaid,
A lot of things just remain in our head.
The burden we carry for long,
Thinking that to share it with someone would be wrong.
We keep it to ourselves fearing the worst,
Enclosed like a bubble waiting to be burst.
Sometimes it is okay to keep our secrets and wait,
But often it is too late.
It is difficult when our secrets are revealed by others,
Why take this risk and be in constant bother?
Life would be better if we could confide,
To the people who matter, the secrets we hide.
Why carry a burden when you can be at ease?
Share your secret and let your worries cease.
This post is written for Blog Chatter’s prompt for the week- What’s your secret?

16 responses to “The secrets we hide”

  1. Dheeraj K says:

    Who is that person who is hiding secrets from you??? 😛
    Superb post!!!

  2. Kala Ravi says:

    Very nicely versed Reema! Why indeed keep secrets and remain in worry when you can share and be at peace!

  3. Very well written Reema! Your ability to write a poem on almost every topic amazes me!
    Another very famous and fabulous blogger, Saru, is the only one, I know with such remarkable talent.

  4. seeya says:

    You have written a very simple thing in very simple and very beautiful way Reema 🙂

  5. Alana says:

    Lovely poem. I think, though, that sometimes secrets deserve to be kept – sometimes, people reveal secrets to unburden themselves rather than thinking of if they will hurt the person whom they are sharing the secret with.

  6. Some secrets though are not a burden and add a bit of mystery to a person, don't you think? 😉

  7. Nicely penned. So, what's your secret? 😉

  8. ak. says:

    Nicely written.
    I think they are called secrets for a reason, for not letting anyone else know. But yes, that burdens the mind, the heart, unless someone accepts it with open arms. It will ease the pain beyong anything.

    Still waiting for your secret! 😛

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