Tales of 2015

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When I welcomed 2015 in a quaint little village in Dakshina
Kannada, I knew that this year my life was going to change. But what I didn’t
know was how the changes would affect me, how I would deal with it and whether
the changes would make me or break me. Fast forward to today- the penultimate
day of 2015. When I look back at the year gone by, it has been a wonderful
journey indeed. There were highs, there were lows but I am happy with the way
things have been! I have learned a lot of things and yes I have grown as a
person. So let me look back at the things that changed for me in 2015.

Moving to a different city and living by myself
I was born in Mangalore but for most part
of my life I have lived in Hubli. And after 22 years of living in the safe
confines of my home, I was supposed to move to a new city. On January 1st,
2015 I knew that I would have to move out of my house in the second half of the
year but that changed within a few into 2015. It was going to be in February
which meant there was hardly any time for me to be mentally prepared for this
staying away from home. According to the initial plan, mom was supposed to drop
me but my brother’s illness exactly at the time that I was supposed to leave
meant that mom couldn’t come. New place, new environment, new job, new people
albeit a few familiar faces. It was difficult. I missed mom, the fights with my
brother, and the warmth of home. I missed the food that mom cooked, I missed
the familiar surroundings, the friendly neighbours. I missed everything! There
were times I cried and when I fell sick, all I had were tears in my eyes.
Luckily for me, my cousin was there to help me and she took me to the hospital
and was with me through the numerous tests that I had to undergo. But I missed
mom’s care.
It has been 9 months of staying away from
home and the experience has taught me my lessons. I have learned to be
responsible. The things that I once took for granted which mom always handled
for me, I now had to be responsible for. I learned to do a lot of things, I
learned to be strong! A lot of life lessons learned!
My first job
The joy of earning my own bread and butter
came earlier than I expected it to. I got to be an intern in the same company
where I was to join as a full time employee. The first few days of the
internship, I was worried about how things would be. The carefree days of
college were over and here I had to be more responsible about the things I did.
Initially I found it hard to make friends as there were very few of us interns
and most of the people around were experienced people. But once the ice broke,
the atmosphere is very friendly! Not only did I learn a lot of technical
things, but I learned a lot of life lessons too- of helping others, of working
together as a team, of enjoying life but also doing your work well. It has been
6 months of joining as a full time employee and a total of 9 months in the same
organization and the journey has been memorable.
Graduation- becoming an Engineer!
One of the best moments of life is when your
parents are proud of you. I saw that smile on mom’s face when I graduated. From
getting clearing that entrance exam and getting the engineering seat on merit
to being a graduate, the journey has been a wonderful one. Those classes that
we most of the time slept through, those lab experiments where we struggled to
get the correct output, those last minute rush to submit the assignments, the
hard work in the last few days of project submissions, studying overnight for
the exams- every moment was worth cherishing. Also there were those numerous
events and fests that we enthusiastically participated in, the trip that we
went to- a lot of beautiful memories! And this beautiful journey came to a
close on that graduation day. From being an engineering student to being an
engineer, I have indeed come a long way!
These were the three highlights of the year but along with
this I also learned a very important lesson. People no matter how close they
are to you will someday drift apart. The reasons for this may be numerous. But
always be grateful for the people who are still there in your life. And always,
yes always make new friends! This was the one of the most important lessons for
me. It took me a lot of time to digest the fact that friends who were once very
close to me were now no longer as close as they used to be. I cried over this
as well. But the only person that I am sure of being with me always is none but
me. So I had to put myself together, keep myself busy and stop thinking about
things that were wrong and focus on making my life better. And I think that I
have succeeded.
Here are the other random things that made my year special:
Appeared on a TV as I was interviewed by a local
news channel during a student conference that I attended.
Had one of the most memorable birthdays with my
choir friends.
Attended two book launches and met few of my
blogger friends.
Sang for a studio recording
Picked up a new sport and achieved some sweet
victories in it.
Got to be the maid of honour for my cousin
And the best of all, my blog- my best friend who
has been with me always! Completed a monthly blog challenge, one post short of
completing another one, wrote posts that I loved and were loved, saw the page
views soar, got listed as one of the best poetry blogs and yes made a lot of
blog buddies too. Wonderful year for my blog!
This has been my journey of 2015 and I look forward to 2016
with lots of hopes and dreams! How was 2015 for you? Do let me know. Here is wishing
you a bright and prosperous 2016! Happy New Year!
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  1. Aditi says:

    What a wonderful journey! You are a singer too…wow my talented blogbuddy! Super proud of you for blogging daily throughout Dec! Hats off to you!

  2. Laurel Regan says:

    Wow, 2015 was certainly a banner year for you! So happy for you, and wish you all the very best in 2016. 🙂

  3. Soumya says:

    Oh what a wonderful year 2015 has been for you! First job is always special and this year indeed is for you 🙂

    We will definitely meet in 2016 🙂

  4. Ani Lemaster says:

    I found your post through A Prompt Each Day. Great blog post and congrats on your success! Please feel free to say hi to me at http://www.thehighlifeacademy.com

  5. Dipannita says:

    Great journey and keep it up…

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