Journey called Life

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A traveller I am on life’s journey,
I walk not knowing my destiny.
Good times bring a smile,
The hard times make me walk that I extra mile.
Sometimes I am happy the way things go on,
But there are times when everything seems wrong.
There are paths you would like to take,
And there are ones that we like to make.
Easy is the path that all tread,
Paths that no one walks on we all dread!
The journey takes us to different places,
But can we keep pace as life races?

4 responses to “Journey called Life”

  1. seeya says:

    Straight from heart

  2. Aditi says:

    So true Reema. This question we all face at certain turns in our life path…We need to find that courage in us to tread on the path that works for us, not on what is customary or expected!

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