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When things go wrong and you are sad,
Or when everything is great and you are happy,
Or it might be the best day you ever had,
Or maybe your mood is just crappy!
When things are such, what is the best thing to happen,
What is it that can help you share your joy?
What is it that helps your day to brighten?
What is it that you wish for when life you do enjoy?
That most wonderful thing is a hug,
Makes you smile and takes away your pain.
It makes your heartstrings tug,
Brings sunshine even in the rain.
A hug from a loved one can make everything alright,
The warmth of hug is always welcome in this cold hearted world.
When things are wrong, a hug can set things right,
A hug sometimes tells a lot than words ever told.
So what then are you waiting for?
Share your joy, share a hug!
If your heart is troubled and your mistakes you can’t
Go make peace, give a hug!

2 responses to “Hug”

  1. Laurel Regan says:

    Very sweet, and very true! A hug is wonderful. πŸ™‚

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