Away from home

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The bags
seemed heavy as I picked them up but my heart felt heavier. I wasn’t just
taking along all the things that I needed, but there were memories that I was
taking along. This place was my home for all of my life- at least from the time
I can remember about. And now I was going away. I was going to a new place to
make a new beginning. I would find a place to stay but I wasn’t sure of finding
a place to live. I’d lived here- from taking my baby steps to growing up to be
who I am today, it had all happened here. But it was time now for me to go.

was once a time when I just wanted to go away from home and live by myself. But
now when the time had come, it was difficult. In fact I didn’t want to. The
gift of independence did lure me to dream of staying by myself, but that came
at a price- the price being the warmth of my home. The familiar faces and
familiar surroundings would now be gone and unfamiliarity would replace it. And
I had no time to prepare for this transition. It had all happened so quickly! Why
did I even decide that I wanted to go? I tried hard to stop my tears from
But I
wiped them away. I had made the decision and now I had to live with that decision.
The decision that I’d made, though a difficult one would prove to be the right
one for me. I was sure of that. I walked away taking all the memories close to
me but leaving behind the memories that had hurt me. It was time to face new
challenges. It was time to be a grown up me!

This post is written for Blogchatter’s prompt for the week- Away from home. Also linking this post to Write Tribe’s #MondayMusings.

6 responses to “Away from home”

  1. Kala Ravi says:

    Tough part of life…growing up, moving away from your nest, but all for the good!

  2. Finally, all we are left with is the memories, while we move on. Beautiful narration Reema!

  3. Alana says:

    I could almost see my son in this. It is tough but necessary.

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