Month in Rewind- August 2015

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Oh no! It is September already! August just flew by. Were
there 31 days or was it just a few minutes? Though August wasn’t that great for
me, it did really have some really nice days!

When everyone was happy with the fact that August started on
a weekend, for me it was just another day as I was working! But the next day
made it up to me as my bestie came visiting. It was Friendship Day and I couldn’t
ask for more. We were meeting after a month and hence we had a lot of things to
talk about.
Work wise, the first half of August was hectic as we had a
lot of assignments to finish, assessments to study for and projects to
complete. Yeah, talk about going back to college. But then training is over and
I’ve joined my department now. It felt good to be back to the place where I
worked earlier as an intern. Meeting all my friends at work after a 3 month gap
felt so good! And it also marked the end of my 3 month gap of playing Table Tennis!
But August hasn’t been good to me in terms of reading and
writing. I haven’t written a single post in August apart from the Month in
Rewind post for July which is really bad. I somehow pulled through July writing
a post each day and I am angry with myself for this drastic reduction in the
number of posts. Reading has also taken a back seat. No books read during the
entire month! I hate myself L
I need help! I know I must read and write more often. Someone let me know what
to do please. By the time I am back to my room after work all I want to do is
have dinner and go off to sleep!
Weekends are mostly spent in meeting friends. It is nice to
meet and spend time with a bunch of people you know when you are in a different
city. Going down the memory lane and thinking about the things we did brings
smiles on faces. Though many of my friends live in Bangalore it is difficult to
meet them regularly. But whenever we meet, trust me that they are some of the
best days for me. 
Some chapters in life are better if closed completely.
August to me was about getting closure from the things that hurt me from the
time gone by and bringing myself to accept the reality. Sometimes it does hurt,
but then there is no use looking back at things that won’t change. It is better
to look forward at the things that are to come. Though I have put this advice
to self completely in practice, I am trying my best.
And the best part of August was the last few days of the
month. I went home after almost two months! Trust me there is no place like
home and going home after two months did mean a lot of pampering from mom. It
felt good to be home! I got meet my choir friends as well. Speaking of which I
have joined the church choir here in Bangalore as well 🙂
So August was an ordinary month with a few nice days for me.
How was August for you? Let me know in the comments. By the way, did I tell you
that the Facebook page of my blog crossed a 1000 likes? Thank you dear readers
for your continued support and appreciation 🙂
September, you better be good!
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4 responses to “Month in Rewind- August 2015”

  1. Which church do you go to, Reems?
    Also, definitely no place like home, Imma be going this weekend, YAY 😀

  2. A Fineapple says:

    Welcome to Bangalore, where all your month in rewind posts will start with "Where did the month go!!"
    😀 Congrats on the facebook page crossing a 1000 likes.

    -Arpitha here 🙂

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