Coming home!

Picture Credits: David Stewart
The rusty gates squeaked as I opened them and it reminded me
of my days here as a kid. Those were the happiest days of my life. Life was simple
and we were living happily when the war changed it all. I shudder to think
about that cold night when we ran for our lives leaving behind all that we
owned. Life went on and things became normal again but all my life I missed
this place which I never thought I would visit again. But now when I stand at
the gates, I feel welcome. I feel at home.
Word count: 100
This drabble(100 word fiction) is written for Friday Fictioneers.

14 responses to “Coming home!”

  1. Dear Reema,

    Home is where the heart is. It seems that her heart has found its way home.



  2. I think the heart is often in the place where you hold the dearest memories. Great story!

  3. So well written Reema. There is no place like home…

  4. Irene Waters says:

    War breaks up so many happy homes and leaves only warm memories of the time before. You have said it well and I'm glad the home welcomed her back. well done.

  5. Ga H says:

    It's good to come back and find that 'home' is still there. Beautiful story

  6. Anindya Basu says:

    I liked this so much

  7. Aditi says:

    I've changed so many homes, growing up and even now, creating memories from one city to another. But there's always this one special place that tugs at your hear.
    Great write!

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