Rebuilding bridges

Picture credit: Sunday Photo Challenge
The dark clouds gather in the sky and it seems that it might
begin to rain any moment from now. The chilly wind keeps blowing at me as I try
to pull my jacket closer to keep myself warm. Do I regret my decision of coming
here? May be a part of me does. No, not just a part of me- almost my whole
being keeps telling me that I was wrong in coming here and the weather doesn’t
make it any easier either. But then I believe that everyone must be given a
chance to explain and that is what I am giving him today- just a chance. And
personally I need answers too. He went away from me as fast as he’d come into
my life. But a few days ago I met him when I’d no hope of seeing him ever
again. No! I haven’t forgiven him and I don’t think I will ever forgive him
completely! It hurt me then and it still hurts me now. As I see him coming from
the other side of the bridge, I can’t help but think will the bridge that he’d
broken all those years ago ever be rebuilt?
Word count: 200
This post is written for Sunday Photo Fiction and Day 12 of Ultimate Blog Challenge.

8 responses to “Rebuilding bridges”

  1. Great story! There may be too much water under the bridge.

  2. Madhu Patil says:

    Lovely Story! Likey! 🙂 🙂

  3. In situations like these, it would be better to walk away and heal rather than prolong the torment.

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