Life must go on!

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Some words are better left unspoken,
Some bonds are better if broken.
Some thoughts are better if they are unsaid,
Some feelings are better if they are dead.
The more you cry about something,
The more that you’d be hurt by that thing.
The more you try to put together something that is falling apart,
The more it will drift away leaving you with broken heart.
There will always be times when you wish things went your way,
But there is no point in making someone who wants to go stay.
When you try to make it work even after losing all hope,
Its better to let go for it is easier to cope.
Some broken things you just cannot mend,
Some things though difficult you just have to end.
I know it is difficult to move on,
But then my dear friend, life has to go on.
This poem is written for Fotowrite #5 at A prompt each day and for Day 30 of Ultimate Blog Challenge.

4 responses to “Life must go on!”

  1. Ruchi More says:

    Yes Boss! That's the way, life has to sway. – Ruchi(aka thewordcoiner)

  2. Shail Mohan says:

    Very profound words.

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