In a world of my own

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“My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations”
The line from the novel I read explains the state of my mind
too. I am confused about so many things in my life and sometimes I search for
an escape. And so at leisure, I let my mind slip into a world of its own. I am
always eager to be lost in my world as it is so quiet and peaceful there unlike
the chaos of the world around me. It is here that all my dreams are born. But
sadly it is only here that they are all fulfilled. I don’t know how the hours
pass by when I go into this world of my own and every time that I have to come
out of my reverie, I wish I could stay there forever. Will the world around me
be ever so sweet to me before the time comes for me to into the grave? It is
just a thought that crosses my mind. But I know that my dreams will remain
dreams- because I am born into a world where I am not allowed to dream. Do you
ask why? That is because I am a girl.
P.S.: There are many girls in our country who are not
allowed to dream just because they are girls. This post has been written
keeping those girls in mind. I as a girl have been allowed to pursue most of my
dreams- except the ones that are outright crazy of course 😛 And for those of
you who are wondering from which book the opening line is from, it is from “The
Fault in our Stars”. 
This post is written for Weekend Wordle #6 at A Prompt Each Day and for Day 11 of Ultimate Blog Challenge

8 responses to “In a world of my own”

  1. Leessa Mac says:

    This is really lovely. Dreams and wanting at times can not form a reality. But you have written lovely words. Thankyou.

  2. aditya says:

    🙂 really a good one and also a msg to all that dont step back because youre a girl

  3. It's sad that there are still parts of the world where being a girl is so limiting, my only hope and wish is that this suppression lifts and because of writers like you, there is hope for those that feel they cannot pursue their dreams. Lovely post!

  4. Vinay Leo R. says:

    Yeah. Too true, Reema. Such worlds do still exist, though sometimes, I feel the attitude is changing little by little.

    Leo – My #WordleAPED Poem

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