Good Morning!

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I somehow wake up to the rays of the morning sun,
Thinking that I’m early and I consider my first battle for
the day won.
But when I check the time,
I realize how late I am.
Panic strikes me and jump with a start,
My bad luck has played its part.
The water isn’t hot,
And I realize the battle is still being fought.
In my hurry to get dressed,
I spill food on my dress, leaving it in a mess.
When I finally manage to get going,
I see the usual bus only overflowing!
For the next bus as I wait,
I curse my fate.
I get into the next bus,
Though it is full, I make no fuss.
I’m being pushed and pulled in all directions,
For the torture I go through there are no restrictions.
When I finally manage to get off the bus alive,
I realize I’ve to be in office in five.
Towards the office I now run,
As if someone is chasing me with a gun.
At that very moment my shoes tear,
I know fate is being so unfair!
As I jump and hop with my bare feet,
I look at disgusted as I greet!
I huff and puff as I climb the stairs,
For the elevators have some urgent repairs!
When I finally reach telling myself that it is going to be a
bad day,
The guard greets me saying” Good Morning Ma’am, today is a
This poem is written for Phrase Phase #8 at A prompt each day and for Day 24 of Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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