Flames of the forest

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She saw in horror as the flames devoured the last remains of
her house. The house could be rebuilt but what about her little ones whom she’d
left there? She had gone away to get food for her little ones and now it was too
late. “How much my little babies must have suffered because of these people!”,
the mother bird thought as she cried in grief. It was only recently that she’d
built her nest on this tree as the previous one had been cut down by humans and
now this tree was burnt because of their carelessness!
This post is written for Lillie McFerrin Writes-Five Sentence Fiction-Flames and for Day 2 of Ultimate Blog Challenge

18 responses to “Flames of the forest”

  1. Ramya P says:

    True,Reema. Its time we think about and do what we can for mother earth and its creatures … Rightly penned 🙂

  2. Simran says:


  3. everytime one tree goes down it hurts me lot 🙁 wonder when ppl will realize 🙁 you have got so much covered in just 5 lines.

  4. Tisha Berg says:

    Hi Reema – sad story but a great reminder of the importance of caring for our environment and all the creatures we share this beautiful planet with. Thank you. And I'm happy that you've now introduced me to a new writing prompt 🙂 beautiful writing!

  5. WomanZie says:

    Such a touching post and so true…

  6. Ranu says:

    It's sad but written very well.

  7. Mandy Moore says:

    sad and sweet, great writing thank you for sharing your story.

  8. Sushree Dash says:

    Knowingly or unknowingly we always tend to hurt them..isn't it. You have brought it out so nicely 🙂

  9. One more reason why I despise us humans -_-

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