Passage of time

Seems only yesterday,
When you’d promised that forever you’d stay.
My happiness then knew no bound,
It gave me real joy to have you around.
Though we had things to accomplish and work to do,
We found time for each other, and that I always knew.
Your hand I held when things went bad,
My greatest joy was in knowing that you could never see me
You accepted me the way I was,
My faults and talents- without any added clause.
Happy we were in a world of our own,
Lifting each others spirits’ when one was down.
It seemed too perfect to be true,
The pain that would soon be coming, I never knew.
But your promises you did forget,
For believing you a return gift I did get.
You came into my life real quick,
But for far shorter time you did stick.
I kept hoping that you’d be back soon,
But then you disappeared from my life like a new moon.
I’ve now stopped hoping,
The love I had for you I’ve now stopped feeling.
It now seems like time gone long past,
Feels like a lifetime away, but sometimes I still wish we’d
One thing I’ve realized with the passage of time,
May be you were never mine. 
This poem is written for Wordplay #8 at A prompt each day and for Day 20 of Ultimate Blog Challenge.

6 responses to “Passage of time”

  1. with time people change 🙂 its better to let go 🙂 nice one 🙂

  2. Anil Sawan says:

    broken heart!! dont we all go through the pain atleast once.. well portrayed!

  3. What you held dear once feels like a lifetime away now.

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