A second chance?

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Your words have left me hurt,

Your indifference has left me broken.
I cry here with a broken heart,
Thinking of those plans that are now forsaken.
The words you said, I believed,
And I was all smiles.
But now I feel deceived,
Walking alone through life’s troubles and trials.
I somehow manage to cope,
My tears have now run dry.
I have found a new ray of hope,
I have decided not to cry.
And then suddenly you return,
Asking for a chance to make things right.
I now feel uncertain,
Should I give you a second chance, with myself I fight!
This poem is written for Prompt Phase #9 at A Prompt Each Day and for Day 31 of Ultimate Blog Challenge

3 responses to “A second chance?”

  1. Always the dilemma… Forgive or forget.

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