A bench in the park

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I’ve been here through sunshine and rain,
Been a part of
stories filled with joy and pain.
Many first meetings have happened here,
also I often get to hear.
Smiles a plenty I have seen,
The tears I wish I could
wipe away clean.
I’ve enjoyed myself watching the kids play,
I’d love to watch
them play always if I had my way.
I’ve seen many children grow,
A place of rest I’ve
been sometimes for a thirsty crow.
I’ve been a perfect place to read that new
A cozy bed I’ve been with stars that on you look.
Though painful, I’ve had
initials on me etched,
Sometimes the plans I hear seem too farfetched.
I’ve seen
people from their birth to their death,
There have been few who on me have taken
their last breath.
I’ve cherished every part of this journey,
May be now for me
is the end of the tourney.
The place I’ve been will now be demolished,
To make way
for the society that is more polished.
My fate is sad but is now sealed,
I’ll be
moved away from beautiful field.
Who am I you ask,
Finding an answer is not a
big task.
I’m that bench in the park,
Soon I’ll be gone forever into the dark.
You may pity my mundane existence,
But I’ve experienced a lot without moving any distance.
 This post is written for A prompt each day and Day 3 of Ultimate Blog Challenge.

18 responses to “A bench in the park”

  1. Amy Bovaird says:

    Very clever, Reem! I like the perspective and also it reminds me that we needn't go far to impact others and enjoy our lives. Lovely.

  2. So touching! It's true, no other item sees quite so much of life. Back in 1995 my husband proposed to me on an ordinary day while seated on a park bench in Pacific Palisades overlooking the Pacific Ocean. He carried a sliver of that bench in his wallet which he just mentioned last month on our 19th Wedding Anniversary wondering where it had gone when it slipped away.

  3. Mandy Moore says:

    I would say that anyone or thing that holds the memories and history like the bench in your story is anything but mundane, it is a treasure!

  4. exact thing how a bench might feel. The things you go in detail with a poem and perceive things amazing reemz 🙂 keep writing 🙂

  5. Veena says:

    Great Read…!!!

  6. Personifying the bench, lovely 🙂

  7. Vinay Leo R. says:

    Maybe the bench might be demolished, but its memories will remain for those who have been part of its history 🙂 Nicely written, Reema 😀

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

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