Stepping into the unknown

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Starting a new life is never easy! The transition from something you are used to to something different takes both time and effort. But life can never be lived doing the same old things and being in the same place. We need to grow and for that we need to move forward. If we do the same things repeatedly, the results what we get are also the same. And life becomes boring. To give life a fresh and different prospective, we have to take that bold step into the unknown. Some decisions, though they are tough to make have to be made. Some paths though filled with adversities have to be walked upon.
Its been almost three months now that I have started a new life- a life in a different city! I knew that moving away from home was inevitable. What I didn’t know that the moving away would happen sooner than I expected it to be. I always thought that after finishing my engineering I would have to move to a different city which was most likely to be Bangalore. And with this thought in mind I started my final year of engineering and one final year of being in Hubli. I vowed to cherish each memory that I made in that one year. And half a year passed by! I had plans for the rest of the year too when an opportunity for an internship came calling. I always wanted to take up the internship but then it would mean end of all my other plans. The internship was optional. I could give it a miss if I wanted to. I could stay for longer at home with my mom and my brother. I could enjoy the last few months of college life with my friends and list went on! But wasn’t the internship something that I was really looking forward to? The decision though a difficult one had to be made and I decided to go for the internship.
14th February 2015! Valentines day for the rest of the world and for me it was the day of goodbyes! The day I travelled to Bangalore! It was the first time that I was supposed to stay away from home for this long. It was difficult to adjust. The comfort of my home was now gone. This was a different city- a bigger city with its fast pace of life. For someone coming from a smaller city, life in Bangalore is different altogether. And the problems and challenges started soon enough! The PG accommodation where I was supposed to stay had a lot of problems! The rooms weren’t clean, the hot water wouldn’t be available at the specified times, the food was too spicy for me! And then there was the Bangalore traffic to trouble me on my commute to and from office. The problems seemed never ending. It was too hard for me to face all of it initially. There were times when I scolded myself for opting for the internship. There were times when I cried because I missed home! I felt lonely here! And the time I missed mom the most when I fell sick! Though I was sick, I had manage all my chores on my own. It was hard. But then I remembered mom. Didn’t she do things for me even when she was sick? That gave me the strength!
As time passed by, I got used to things that troubled me before. The problems I faced earlier I do face even now. But then I have learned to deal with those problems. Staying in a different city has given me new experiences- the shift from a college atmosphere to a professional atmosphere, learning new things, exploring new places, making new friends. And the best part of it is being able to earn my own money while still being a student! Now my internship is almost coming to an end, but the experience will last long! The decision was difficult, but then the end result is worth it! I have learned to be independent. May be I would have learned it eventually after joining for a job. But then learning something early is never bad you see!
Sometimes in life, it is good to step into the unknown. The journey may be difficult but eventually things will fall into place and the experience will be worth it!

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