Fool again

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Out of my fairy tale world I came,
Realized that happily ever after was not always true!
For you life was just a game,
A sad truth that I never knew.
My happy world had now come to an end,
I was left with teary eyes, sleepless nights and a broken heart.
Lonely I felt ’cause you were also my best friend,
A promise of which you failed to keep your part!
You made me look like a fool,
Yet, it was hard for me to forget you.
I was jealous because about it you were all cool,
That’s when I made up my mind to begin life anew.
 Difficult it was at the start,
Slowly I found my real passion and that path I began to tread.
My dreams were the only things that were close to my heart,
Your thoughts were all gone now out of my head.
Just when I was happy in a world of my own,
You decided to come back into my life without a warning.
Though I had decided to have a heart of stone,
I forgave you before rising of the sun the next morning!
Wish I had remembered the lessons that I learned,
Because you broke my trust yet again!
My love yet again you spurned,
All I got in return for helping you was only pain!
My faith in love is now shaken,
The goodness in the world is now invisible to me.
 You left me alone and forsaken,
I am now drowned in sorrow deeper than the sea.
You fooled me not once, but twice,
And always innocence you did feign!
But now I’ve become so wise,
That I can’t be fooled again!
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13 responses to “Fool again”

  1. so much emotions 🙂 only you can get it right in a poem 🙂 keep writing !

  2. What a ode of broken trust .. ! well expressed.

  3. Red Handed says:

    Good one Reema. Heart is a weak little thing.

  4. Nice take on the prompt. 🙂

  5. Vinay Leo R. says:

    Bittersweet emotions here. Both parts well written 🙂 It had the agony of heartbreak and the positivity that you have come out wiser from it.

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