Wish you were here

As I walk down the memory lane,

The moments spent with you come to my mind.
And I feel the pain,
After realizing that life wasn’t so kind.
I remember waiting for you to return,
Every time that you went away,
Into your arms your little girl would run,
And your hug would make my day!

Memories are what remain,
For its been long since you are gone.
Tears keep falling just like the rain,
The dusk hasn’t made way for the dawn.
The journey since you left has been a difficult one,
But your words of wisdom have been my guiding lights.
I know you show me the way in life’s battles yet to be won,
You’ve taught me always to reach greater heights.
But then there are times when my strength fails,
I think of giving up, as it is too much for me to bear.
‘Cause life isn’t made of fairy tales,
And I wish you were here to give me all the care.
Certain mountains in life I have climbed,
In those sweet victories I remember you,
You by my side I hope to find,
Wish you were here appreciating the things I do.
Not a day passes by without a thought of you,
I keep asking why couldn’t you always be near.
If I had a wish that would come true,
I would only wish that you were here!
This poem is dedicated to my dad. 
Daddy, I love you and I miss you 🙁

8 responses to “Wish you were here”

  1. Soumya says:

    Oh I didn't know he wasn't around! I'm so sorry about the loss Reema!

    But I know one thing, that he would be incredibly proud of you. You have been a wonderful daughter and I'm sure he is looking at you and smiling everytime 🙂

  2. Very beautiful and heartfelt. Your daddy is reading this too Reema and smiling 🙂 god bless you and may he be happy wherever he is! Take care!

  3. Jatan Malde says:

    Really touching lines….Your daddy must be really proud of you. He must be definitely smiling today.
    God bless you. And do keep writing…!!!

  4. monica malik says:

    He is still looking after you sweetie, in his own way and he is sooooooo proud..

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