Book Review: TMS That’s my story

Title: TMS That’s my story
Author: Vinay Mashalkar
Publisher: Frog books
Genre: Romance
There is something about love stories that draws us to read it and “That’s my story” is the love story of Vikram, an IT guy who works in Bangalore. Vikram is happy on getting his first job though the remuneration isn’t much. Once he is done with the probation period, his life seems to have a pattern. Work hard and party harder seems to be his mantra. He has his gang of friends who are either in search of jobs or are working. And for these gang of friends weekends mean party and alcohol. Life is pretty simple for Vikram and nothing changes until he sees a girl in a red scooter on a rainy day.
It’s love at first sight for Vikram! Though he saw the girl for just a few moments he feels that she is the one. But then the love story doesn’t proceed as Vikram doesn’t know who the girl is and the girl is oblivious of his existence. Life goes on for Vikram as he doesn’t meet her again. Destiny has its own strange ways. And then one day when he is waiting for a bus in the bus stop he sees the red scooter and the pillion rider is none but the girl whom he saw on that rainy day. Though it was more than a year, Vikram’s feelings for her are reignited. He tries to find out things about her and deliberately goes early to the bus stop so that he can see her. He even gets down at her stop just to get close to her.
And then there are bomb blasts in Bangalore and that is the day when he finally gets to talk to her and know her name. What follows is how Meghna and Vikram fall in love, have some great memories together and then their breakup and what happens after that.
The story is something that anybody can relate to. Vikram is just another guy. He has these supportive friends who can do anything for him. The book speaks of their adventures and misadventures too. In the course of the story we find parents who supportive of their child’s decision and all they want is their child’s happiness and then there are a set of parents who would not change their old school of thought. The story is simple and does not have too many twists. Meghna develops an instant liking for Vikram and their love story goes on smoothly for a while. The first half of the book is only filled with stories of their talks, dates and the cute things they did and the names they had for each other. I did not like the slow pace of the story. The story does pick some pace in the middle. The story does tell us that a break up does not mean the end of life. But what I didn’t like was the abrupt ending. The long forgotten feelings can be resurfaced but then will any person just let go of the feelings he or she had for someone even after deciding to get engaged to that person? For me that seemed improbable. I was expecting some drama in the end with both the girls in Vikram’s life but I am disappointed. Another thing that isn’t good about this book is the many typos and the grammar. A few mistakes do happen bu then there are a lot of them.
This book is a one time read for some one who wants to read something light.
My rating: 2/5
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2 responses to “Book Review: TMS That’s my story”

  1. Red Handed says:

    Sounds like a commercial easy read of a book.
    I might give this one a miss.
    Great review by you.

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