The best therapy

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Some things are better left unsaid,
But then I just can’t keep them in my head.
There is something that I just want to share,
But I’m unsure of anybody giving it any care.
In moments such as these,
When my thoughts never tend to cease,
I write to put my thoughts to rest,
For it is the therapy that works for me the best.
I just let my thoughts flow,
And my imagination takes flight before I even know.
A wave of relief sweeps in,
And I feel better than I have ever been!
Writing to me is my best friend,
Always with me at life’s every bend.
The times may be good or things may not be right,
The best therapy for me is to just write!
This poem is written for this week’s Poetry Jam prompt on Writing.
There are two more poems that I have written earlier about writing. Read them here and here.

18 responses to “The best therapy”

  1. Ankita says:

    interesting poem!

  2. ak ™ says:

    I think I can totally relate to the poem.
    Writing is a bliss in itself.

    Nicely penned. 🙂

  3. Peggy says:

    Yes I have always found writing an excellent therapy. Always helped me clarify my thoughts and feelings. Thanks for posting.

  4. Brian Miller says:

    writing as a best friend…i like that…one we can confide in…
    because in writing often i can say the things i may have trouble
    saying otherwise….

    visiting from poetry jam

  5. Mary says:

    Writing is definitely a very good friend!! I think a person always feels better after having written.
    Visiting from Poetry Jam.

  6. "Writing to me is my best friend,
    Always with me at life's every bend."
    I share these exact same thoughts of yours'. This is what writing means to me too. A friend you can blindly trust, share whatever and find your calm. A very nice read, indeed. 🙂

  7. nibhz says:

    indeed writing is the best therapy! Perfectly said!

  8. Locomente says:

    I so agree and can relate to writing therapy…
    In fact, it is recommended by psychiatrists too…

    And guess what… I love writing and is my bestie!!!

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