Better late than never!

Happy New Year 2015! 15 days of the year have already gone by and you must be thinking why I am wishing you now. Yup! I know that I am late but then the title of this post sums it up. For those of you who are my friends on Facebook might know the reason for this delay in wishing you all. For those of you who don’t, the reason is travel! It has been almost a month now since I blogged and how I regret that!
The year has begun quite well for me. This year is one of the most important ones in my life as it marks the transition from student life to professional life. And yeah I have less than a month of college life left 🙁 How time flies by! I feel it was just yesterday when I first entered college and now college life is almost over.
I have made a lot of memories in these 15 days of the new year. New friends, new experiences, getting to see the new side of old friends and it has all been great so far. I hope the year turns out to be a memorable one too! Life is full of new experiences and surprises at every step. People come into our lives and go away but the ones who are really close to us stay with us and be with us no matter what.
Okay enough said about me and my experiences. Since this is my first post for this year, you might be eager to know what my new year resolution is. The answer is I have none! I don’t believe in making resolutions on the new year alone. I make resolutions as and when necessary. And if you still ask what is my current resolution? Refer the title of the post!
Often in life there are many things that we want to do but we don’t. Reasons? Many! And one of them is that we are always busy! And later in life we regret for not having done those things. Some times it is too late to do those things and you can’t help it. But then there are times when, though late you still can do something about them. So grab such opportunities. This realization struck me during my 20 days of travel. Instead of sulking and having regrets, seize the opportunity and do what you can! That is going to be my mantra for now. And I am working on being more positive about things and count all my blessings.
And yes my 15 days post new year resolution is to write more regularly. I have missed writing all these days and I don’t want that to happen again. And I know some of you missed it too. The messages and conversations finally pushed me to writing this. Thank you dear readers for your encouragement and understanding. I won’t let you down.
So how did you celebrate new year? How has the new year been for you so far? Do let me know in the comments. Once again have a lovely year all you lovely readers 🙂

8 responses to “Better late than never!”

  1. Suman Kher says:

    Hey! All the very best as you embark on this new journey of your life! Great post!

  2. Brian Dsouza says:

    finally the wait ends 😀 …nice one to start off with (y) Michelle…ATB for the rest of the year 🙂

  3. I do know the reason why it took you 15 days 🙂 afterall you were in for a good cause 🙂 proud of you 🙂 and gr8 post indeed 🙂 keep writing 🙂

  4. Ramya P says:

    Great post! You have a lovely year too. 🙂 Keep writing!!!!!

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