Who am I?

 Who am I,  I ask.
Am I someone hidden behind a mask?
Or am I someone with a special task?

Does the world have to tell me if I’m good or bad,
Or should they make me feel happy or sad?

 I don’t have the peace that I should have had.

Am I born to lead?
Or to pay heed?
Or the one to approach when in need?

Answers I find none,
But I know the quest is still not done,
This battle of finding myself will one day be won! 

A little harder I will try,
With a little effort I know I will reach a new high,
And yet I will still ask, who am I?

8 responses to “Who am I?”

  1. Ramya P says:

    Identity is something that we decide by our actions. And destiny just follows. Who you are actually depends on the situation we face. Beautifully penned poem… 🙂

  2. CRD says:

    We all have 2 identities – one that others perceive us to be, and the other that we know we are.

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    • reemwrites says:

      Yes we do! And more often than not we get so used to the identity that the world has given us that we fail to discover who we actually are. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. nibhz says:

    That was nice! These are indeed the questions we all ask ourself at one point or the other. You penned them well

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