The voice within

There’s voice that is within,
That is sometimes lost in the surrounding din.
Tells us when we are right or wrong,
Warns us before we could do something that we’d regret for long.
Guides us on the path of truth,
Through childhood, old age and youth.
All we must do is to listen,
Judge before we hasten!
But sometimes we fail to do so,
End up in more troubles than you ever know!
So the next time when in doubt,
Listen to heart!
For our conscience is the voice of God,
Whose judgement can never be flawed! 
This post is written for Day 5 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

10 responses to “The voice within”

  1. Wow….
    When in doubt…. indeed we must listen to our hearts!!

  2. PATTIPEANUT says:

    I am visiting from the Ultimate Blog Challenge and I love your poem! It really painted pictures in my mind as I was reading it. I love the last lines about listening to the voice of God. He truly speaks to my heart and has the ability to lead us in the right direction. I look forward to reading more.

  3. Lovely poem. Yes indeed, we need to listen…


  4. So true! Loved the poem, Reema.

  5. Amy Bovaird says:

    Lovely poem, Reem! Beautiful when read out loud.

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