Roles reversed

“Come on Ma you can do it”, she said as I tried to walk without support for the first time after the terrible accident in which I had fractured my leg. I was doing well so far but suddenly I missed my balance and slipped, and she came rushing towards me to stop me from falling. “Good progress for today Ma and don’t worry about falling because after every fall, we rise”, she said as she helped me sit down on the bed. I was overwhelmed with emotions as it seemed just yesterday that she was a little toddler whose hand I held while teaching her to walk. The roles had now reversed because when she fell while learning to walk, I would tell her the exact same words that she told me today!

Also writing this post for Day 21 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.
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7 responses to “Roles reversed”

  1. bethj says:

    This is so sweet! What words of wisdom – after every fall, we rise!

  2. Just five sentences! What a beautiful image of a mother and daughter who are so supportive of each other. I will always remember "When we fall, we rise."

  3. Lovely, Reema! Very true "after every fall, we rise".

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