In search of a successor: Matrikas Product Review

I have been lying here beside her bed for a long time now. Every night before going off to sleep she tells everything about her day. Telling me her highs makes her feel proud about herself and sharing her lows with me makes her feel better. She shared with her dreams and her inner most feelings. This has been her daily practice for a long time now. I took over after my predecessor retired when it was full. I have got to her well ever since. She loves to write and that is evident from the blog that she writes. But the things she writes in me are special as all of it comes from her heart and not just her imagination. She made me feel special as she considered me her secret keeper.
The time spent with her has been the best. I was nothing but a notebook lying in a corner until she picked me up and decided to make it her diary. All my fellow notebooks went on to become the boring school and college notebooks and those words and numbers were so boring. I was lucky that she chose me to be her diary. And now since only a few pages are left in me, I was thinking who would take over from me.
I want my successor to be special because she is special and deserves only the best. And the next few months are going to be very important with lots of special memories. She is in her final year of college and I am sure that these are the memories that she would like to carry with her forever. And that is the main reason why I want my successor to be special. As I was lost in these thoughts, the constant ringing of the bell woke me up. It was a big parcel for her and I didn’t know what were contents. When she came back from college that day and she opened the parcel. She was happy after looking at the contents of the parcel. Curious to know what the package contained? Here it is:

The package contained three beautiful books. I was curious to know what they were and the next day after she left for college I explored them. The three beautiful books were from Matrikas. When I searched about them through my trusted sources I found out that they have a lovely range of stationery products- notebooks and diaries. I suggest that you can try them out. I was glad that I had found successors!

The first book in the package was Matrikas Cube Works Journal. It had a lovely design with computers, tables, buses doodled all over it. It’s hard bound and I am sure that all here memories will be safe and sound in this. Also it has this elastic strap to make sure that if she decides to keep any papers in the journal, they do not fall. The paper quality was lovely and it was evident that she loved it as she had already started writing in it.

The next product was the Mother Theresa Journal. I loved the cover with Mother Theresa’s picture on it. It also had a short biography of hers. What I liked most about it was that there were sections to make a list of books to be read, works to be accomplished, places to be visited and also monthly planners. I am sure that she going to be more organized with her work after using this. And she loves collecting quotes that inspire her and she has now started writing the quotes in this journal. I good choice I must say.

And the third product was Matrikas Cubeworks Ring notebook. The cover is a lovely pink with doodles all over it. The paper is of good quality and the notebook looks funky. She has started writing her poems in this notebook. Earlier many poems were lost as she would write poems in pieces of paper and she would forget where she kept them.
I am glad that she has received these books. My work is now over and I can now retire. I thank Matrikas for sending her these books. She loves them and yes they can be lovely gifts for your loved ones too. Do visit their website. You can like their Facebook Page here.
Signing off,
Reema’s old diary.
This post is written for Matrikas “Scribble Your Heart Away Campaign”.
Also writing this post for Day 25 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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  1. […] In the mad rush of daily life what keeps me sane is writing. Be it writing a post on my blog or writing a poem on Instagram or at times, just scribbling my thoughts and emotions, writing has been a therapy to me. There are times when ideas for new story or a great blog post have come to me when I least expect and  though I have gadgets to make a note of it, I need to write things down. I need to write to brainstorm the ideas in my head! And what better way to do this than a dairy. The moment I saw the Matrika’s diary I fell in love with it. I got the “Write” Diary. It has a beautiful red cover with a printed leaf on it. The book has both ruled sheets and plain doodle sheets. So if its something that you want to write or if its something you want to doodle about, you can do it. The paper quality is really good and the colour of the paper is natural as well. There are pages to make lists of things books to read, places to visit and so on. If writing is not always your way of venting out your emotions, there are 8 adult colouring pages that help you calm down. I am still not done with the colouring of the pages, but I am going to do it soon. If you are someone like me who likes to add some quirk to their lists and journal entries, then this journal has some amazing stickers! How cool is that! It also a pocket to carry things like photos or small sized documents. From the time I got this journal, I’ve tried to used it jot down any blog post ideas or even deadlines. It contains my list of books to read, things I want to buy, places I want to go and so on. Well yeah, I have this obsession of making lists and this is my perfect companion in all of these ventures. Not just that I sometimes write down quotes that I liked while reading books. And when I don’t have anything to write, which is very rare, I end up reading all the things that I’ve written so far. It is interesting I must say! For someone like me who needs to write things down, this is the best companion that you can have. I love using this and yes, this is my best buddy now and helps me plan things better. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your own journal here. They also have a lot of other varieties of journals. You can check them too. You can watch the video of the Creative Women’s journal here. I’ve already reviewed some journals from Matrikas earlier. You read the review here. […]

  2. Kim says:

    I love everything about you and your wonderful blog. I’ve only just begun discovering your “write words”. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    ♡ Kim from British Columbia, Canada

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