In the abyss of sorrow

I knew that life was never going to be easy,
The trials and troubles would always be there.
But what’s happening now seems  crazy,
It is just too much for me to bear.
Those happy memories come to my mind,
And for a while I am in happy land.
But answers to my many questions I cannot find,
At life’s crossroads I now stand.
The sorrow doesn’t seem to cease,
And I cry myself to sleep.
The pain only seems to increase,
And all I can do is weep.
I was that girl who was strong,
Who would always have hope of a better tomorrow.
But now everything has gone wrong,
Here I am in the abyss of sorrow.
I don’t know if things will ever be right,
For all I know, I feel so low.
I seem to have lost the strength to fight,
For now I will just let the tears flow.
This post is written for Day 2 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

12 responses to “In the abyss of sorrow”

  1. The words are very touching.
    The feeling of being broken, struggling to be strong.
    you've depicted it well.
    It's tough to fake a smile, or act like everything will be fine someday!!

  2. Cate Shadder says:

    This is beautiful! You are an amazing poet! Good luck in your writing! From UBC

  3. As I read your poem, I find myself wishing that you are not truly that sad, but that if you are, you can find someone who will listen and help you see that this is just a turn of the wheel, and that life, with all of its ups, downs, trials, tribulations and above all, joys, is ultimately worth every second!

  4. You've captured the feeling of hopelessness. Everyone has low times in their life. In the 70s they used to say 'grock with it', meaning allow yourself to grieve. When you're ready, you'll rise again.

  5. Vinay Leo R. says:

    It might be cliche, but they say sorrow brings out the best in a poet. I think it has in you. It also helps to put some of the sorrow out of your mind, so I feel things will become normal again. Here's hoping soon, there'll be a poem titled "On the peak of happiness"! Take care.

  6. monica malik says:

    this is- beautiful. 🙂
    Hope you are okay.?

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