Another blogging milestone!

I always loved scribbling something that I kept making up in my head. The poems and stories got transferred from my brain to the paper or on the laptop but they remained there and nobody read them. Those poems and stories only got meaning after I got you my dear readers. And that is how this blog has grown from being an unknown entity that merely existed to a place where I share my thoughts with the world and the world reads. And now this blog completes 25000 page views.
It seems just yesterday when I all of a sudden ended up creating this blog. I didn’t know any fellow bloggers then but I have come long way from there and made many friends both fellow bloggers and my dear readers. When this year started, the goals that I had set for my blog was to write 100 posts this year and to ensure that I get more people to read my blog so as to cross 25,000 views. And I am glad that I achieved both of them and in advance! With still two months left I would have achieved more than the set goal!
But how did this happen? It was not just because of my wish to put out the numerous stories and poems out of my head but mainly because of the love that you my dear readers have shown. From appreciating the stuff I wrote to pointing out mistakes and helping me improve, to asking me if something was wrong if I didn’t write for long and helping me come out of the Writers block, you dear readers have done it all. And for all that I am grateful. I thank all of you my dear readers for this. I still have a long way to go and I hope you will support and encourage me hereafter as well.
My blog has always been special to me from the time I created it. Its been with me through all the things that I have gone through all these years. My blog is all the more special to me now for it has helped me grow and it has given me something special in my life as well(More on this at the appropriate time 😉 ). My blogging journey will continue and my blog will continue to be my special best friend. 😀 Thanks for reading 🙂 And with this post for Day 31 for UBC, I successfully complete the Ultimate Blog Challenge for the second time 😀 Thank you readers 🙂

9 responses to “Another blogging milestone!”

  1. Jodi says:

    I'm trying my comment again as it seems it didn't "take". Congratulations on your milestone. This was my first blog challenge and I learned a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  2. A says:

    Congrats Reema on achieving a milestone! I have been slacking on the blog reading for the past month. It's always wonderful to visit your blog from time to time 🙂

  3. Wow… what consistency!! Hats off to you 🙂

  4. congrats! what a great accomplishment! keep on,keeping on!

  5. Locomente says:

    Woohooo… Congrats…
    So many milestones to follow!

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