Why Oh why?

Why is there so much suffering?
 Will it ever have an ending?
Why is there no peace?
Will the troubles ever cease?
Why is there no equality in the world?
It’s giving rise to troubles manifold!
Why is mankind harming nature?
Can’t we be a little more mature?
Why are we good at spreading hatred,
When it is a dangerous path to tread?
Why can’t we make others smile?
If not always try it once in a while!
Why is there so much of stress?
Life was so much better when we had less.
Why O why are there so many questions,
While answers to them remain illusions! 
This is written for Day 24 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge. 

10 responses to “Why Oh why?”

  1. Nitin Goyal says:

    Why O Why you kept her staring?
    Din't you had anything worth gearing?
    Why there is so much fuss for her?
    Din't she told you to be away from her?
    Why there is so much anger in you?
    Is it because she said NO to you?
    Why did you tried to ruin her life?
    Is it because she just shown you her little knife?
    How that act of throwing that acid on her makes you gleamed?
    Dint your heart melt when she screamed?

    dedicated to that special who lost her outer beauty..!

  2. Sophie Mahir says:

    Beautiful poem Reema – 🙂

  3. Viyoma says:

    So you are on a pondering mode today… Reminds me of my very 1st blogpost. " I Dont know Why". You have questioned the society that we are a part of…I had questioned my routine.

  4. Red Handed says:

    and we will forever chase the answers..
    This was a good one 😀

  5. Afshan Shaik says:

    Why O why are there so many questions,
    While answers to them remain illusions!

    Those last lines answered all your questions I guess 🙁
    Loved this simple yet strong poem Reema

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