This or that!

Sometimes I am so confused,
I feel all of my brain has been used.
Should I do this or do that,
Where is my thinking hat?
Should I write or should I read,
Should I follow or should I lead.
I think I am going crazy,
Wait! Have I become a little lazy?
I wanna do so many things,
But why does everything come with attached strings?
Life sometimes is so confusing,
Why can’t it be just amusing?
At every step a choice we have to make,
But sometimes a lot of things are at stake!
Now I think my brain is gonna explode,
The reason being an overload!
Some times that is good and sometimes this,
None of them I can give a miss!
Now let me stop before I drive you nuts,
But I hate those choices with ifs and buts!
A crazy poem by crazy me. This poem just flowed. I wrote it for fun. Hope you enjoy it.
This poem is written for Day 10 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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  1. So cute and true , Reema. Life can drive us crazy, but we would not trade it for a thing! Keep the coming girl.