The reason is you!

I remember that day from the past,
When I thought my smile would always last,
I kept smiling and you very well knew,
That the reason was you!
Soon I started dreaming,
Just the thought of you kept me beaming.
Changed now was my life’s view,
And the reason was you.
Every word that you said,
Remained forever in my head.
As time passed my joy grew,
And the reason was you.
Those moments that we shared,
I can never forget how much for me you cared.
Our love was fresh like the morning dew,
And the reason was you.
It was then that the troubles began,
This was no where in the plan!
But I knew that we would make through,
And the reason was you.
But then we started drifting apart,
Though you said that from me you would never depart.
The doubts about our future grew,
And the reason was you!
Those false promises I could never take,
I then realized that your love for me was fake.
I should have seen when the storm clouds blew,
The reason for our failed love was you!
You broke my heart and you broke my dreams,
Through my face now run tear streams.
I journey through life with a different view,
And still the reason is you!
This post is written for Day 30 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

15 responses to “The reason is you!”

  1. Oh, this makes me sad 🙁 It also makes me think of someone from my past. I think we've all probably been there! Thank you for sharing your heart!

  2. Suzy says:

    When we learn to put the past behind us, we liberate ourselves. Lovely poem – emotions nicely portrayed.

  3. touching 😐 keep writing reema

  4. Soumya says:

    Ouch! I liked the way it flows though. Its brilliant 🙂

    One suggestion though, don't rhyme every sentence with the next, it tends to get too much and feels contrived. Alternate lines always make the best rhymes! I hope you take this in the right spirit! 🙂


  5. Anonymous says:

    Been there, felt that… Well written, and i say this very rarely, but i can understand what the person in the poem is going through.
    Good job Mich.

  6. Brilliantly depicted to make emotions come alive. Love is so complex in life and at times, we need to cut the self for us to grow.

  7. Red Handed says:

    Oh I never want to feel the emotion you portrayed in those last lines.
    This was lovely.

  8. Nitin Goyal says:

    i think of that new day, you were at my bay
    i kept smiling the whole day and the reason is just you.! 🙂

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