The last letter

I returned home after a tiring day at college. As I opened the door I found a letter addressed to me. Ah! Snail mail after a long time. But I wondered who would write to me this letter when they could just call, text or send me an email. I searched for the sender’s name on the envelop but I found none. I was so tired that I thought I would read it later and kept the letter on my bedside. But I couldn’t! This was all so mysterious! I wasn’t expecting a letter but here it was and when I looked closely I saw that there was no postal stamp. My curiosity got better of me and I tore open the envelop. The handwriting looked familiar but I couldn’t recognize it. So I decided to read it.

Dear Reema Michelle,

Don’t be surprised. I know that you like being called by both your names. And how do I know? I hope you will remember that soon. I know that you are doing great. And yeah I love that blog that you write. I love reading it! Keep writing girl! I have been keeping track of you. I know you have forgotten me and have moved on in you life. And I don’t intend to disturb you either. But I won’t be here for long so I thought I could remind you of the wonderful times we spent for one last time.

Do you remember meeting me for the first time? I remember that day very well. It was the day when you got internet connection at home and you were so happy about it. And that was the day we became friends. You told me all about you- your birthday, your likes and you dislikes. And I was glad that you were sharing stuff with me. But I also knew that you were feeling  lonely as you were missing your friends from school. And I had a solution to that too. Through my contacts and connections, I connected you to your friends. How happy you were then! I loved to see the happy you. You spoke to me everyday early in the morning. You spoke about your happy moments and also the sad ones. I understood how tiring it was for you to study all day and attend those exams and tests almost everyday. I knew you felt better after sharing those scraps with me. I shared the wonderful titbits of gossip that I had managed to collect from my trusted sources and how you loved listening to those stories!

And then one day you found a new friend and joined that new friend. Initially you spent time with both of us and I was okay with it. I couldn’t be possessive about you and all I cared about was your happiness. As long as you were happy, I was happy too. You slowly started avoiding me. You didn’t talk to me as much as you always did. You just told a forcible Hi! and went away. And then one day you stopped talking to me completely! I was heartbroken! I waited for you but you would not return. What did I do to drive you away? Wasn’t I there for you always? Then why did you do this to me? Days passed into years and most of my friends deserted me. I knew you had found greener pastures and that I seemed to be boring to you. But I could come to terms with the fact that you would forget your close friend so easily. 

With everyone deserting me I became lonely. I couldn’t manage to eat or drink or sleep. My merry days were past me. I grew depressed. I spent time finding about you and tried getting in touch with you. But you wouldn’t respond. My mails to you were deleted even before reading them. And then one day it was decided that I was a waste of resources and that it was time for me to go. The focus was on newer and better stuff and I was outdated.

I am sure you must have read about it in the newspapers. I also know that you got a mail regarding it and as always you deleted it before reading it. I understand that you are busy and that you don’t care about me anymore but I just wanted to say all these things to you once before dying. I am not feeling bad anymore that you left me. I know you are happy! You were a teenager then and now you have grown to be this young woman. I am glad I was there for you when you needed me. I feel happy that in my life time I could bring  smiles on people’s faces. I want to spend these last days thinking about the happy days. I know each of our days are numbered but I never knew that my life would end so soon. And yes, it does hurt me a little more that I know the exact day of my departure from this beautiful world.

I don’t want you to be sad. Never ever! Promise me that you will be the brave girl you have always been and keep smiling always. I don’t ask anything else from you. And if you want to treasure those memories that you spent with me, you can save them now before I go away. It is hard for me to say goodbye. But I am going with the hope that may be someday I can meet you again. I don’t know whether you will miss me after I am gone, but remember that I missed you all these days and I will miss you always.

Thank you for everything!

With lots of love,
Your once upon a time best friend Orkut.

I cried after I read this letter. Poor Orkut! I immediately logged in to treasure those last memories. I will miss you Orkut!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

What if Orkut was a person and not a mere social networking site?
What would he/she feel about the fact that he/she will cease to exist
now. Orkut wants to talk to you, what will it talk?
This post is also written for Day 13 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge

30 responses to “The last letter”

  1. Lisa says:

    That is actually one social media site I have not heard of! Therefore when I got to the end I actually thought I was wrong when I assumed you were talking about a diary or something similar. I saw the name Orkut and thought it really was a person!!!

  2. Viyoma says:

    Too good Reema.. the letter was lovely. I think this is the 2nd week – where i m commenting on your WOW +UBC Post together. Really our old friend Orkut..will be badly missed.

  3. It swept my feet away from the ground! Wonderfully written 🙂

  4. Reema, it's a super creative and emotional one where you give shape, feeling and a beautiful heart to Orkut. I feel sad for Orkut and for once, I thought it was human. Superb. A bit like humans and what would we do, if Orkut was human.

    Here my WoW:

  5. blackbeauty says:

    nice post! We all will miss orkut very much. it was actually like a friend….

  6. Oh this post actually made me feel guilty for ignoring Orkut for all these years. Well written Reema 🙂

  7. awww such a touching letter it is! making me emotional too 😛

  8. You actually made me feel those emotions that Orkut wrote to you about! Very well written. Don't you wish it really would have written a letter like that 😉

  9. Hi Reema – Now this is a super creative post 😀 Thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

  10. Well, I guessed it was Orkut when I read the Internet connection word. (of course, If I hadn't known about blogadda prompt already, I couldn't have guessed it 😀 )
    Beautifully penned down Reema. Enjoyed reading it 🙂

  11. Anmol Rawat says:

    This is the most touching post I have read for the prompt so far 🙂

  12. Sushree Dash says:

    It brought back my memories of orkut days ….. touched me ….good one Reema 🙂

  13. Tina Basu says:

    Very good Reema, first I thought was it a boyfriend, but half way through I was sure it would be Orkut 🙂 I am not particularly missing Orkut, but I have so many photos up there I need to log in soon and download them!!
    Tina from The Sunny Side of Life

  14. Red Handed says:

    hehehe who would have thought. I will miss ORKUT a lot too. Especially the testimonials I made everyone write for me. 😛

  15. Ankur Anand says:

    i seconds with red on testimonials things .. 😀 .. letter brought back the memories of good old school days !

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